You Learn Something New Every Day…..

pose-personaYoga. No wonder it’s been around for thousands of years.

I have been looking for and experimenting with many ways to alleviate stress and pain for years. The most recent being medial block injections. I found the process to be SO not worth the results. I was discouraged. UNTIL……..


One day, I noticed a little studio set back on one of my side streets. It was a little yoga studio, and some force just drew me in. The woman let me pay on a sliding scale and I took my first class.

I was terrible at it, but I didn’t care. It was almost love at first sight. After one class that centered on stress relief, I felt better than I had in a long time. I hadn’t gone very far with the stretches, but what I had done felt amazing. The whole concept of yoga is so gentle and yet so strong.

Even though, I am not coordinated, or limber, or young, I don’t worry about what anyone thinks. That’s one of the beauties of yoga – acceptance, including acceptance of ones own self. I am starting to just get a glimmer of the whole body and mind connection and how they can work in tandem to bring relief, not just of the physical pain, but of the emotional as well. Chakras, poses, terms, so much to learn.

Sadly, the woman who owned the studio decided she wanted to get more into other things and closed the studio. OH, NO!

When she closed, I figured I would just take myself to the library for a video for home. I chose a DVD that clearly indicated that the yoga content was a) for older people, and b) for beginners. Hahahahaha!

You would have to be in Circque du Soleil to complete this routine. I could not figure out how they expected you to get in these poses. I couldn’t figure out how THEY got into the poses. It was ridiculous, and would have been funny, but I wonder how many people tried this, and were discouraged.

Try the Peggy Cappi series. She really does make it more accessible to the beginner. In my case, it is difficult to get in the zone with a dog licking my face, but I try to focus anyway. is also a great source of information. Check it out. You have nothing to lose but your stress and pain.

Note: Clearly, that is not a photo of me above. That would not end well.



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