Gwyneth Paltrow – Bitch, please..

GwenethGwyneth Paltrow is said to be one of the most disliked people in Hollywood. I guess she is not only rude to everyone, she hugely gets on people’s nerves because of the ridiculous things she says (remember when she and Chris Martin decided to “consciously uncouple?”), and the useless, expensive products she sells via GOOP.

GOOP (her initials) is what she calls her brand. It covers a whole lifestyle. All it requires is that you:

  1. Be a multi-millionaire
  2. Have an unlimited amount of time on your hands

In the interest of having a clue of what it is all about, I looked at a couple of her Goop Newsletters.

In these, Gwyneth shares her tips for living. She generously shared a recipe for “Beauty Milk”. The ingredients include pumpkin seed milk, Moon Pantry tocotrienols, lucuma, schisandra berry and PEARL.

This may be shocking, but I was unable to find even one of these things at my local Market Basket. I guess the beauty milk will have to wait.

1. The last time Tom and I had a vacation, we spent three days of freezing our asses off in Maine because it was the only time of year that we could afford a motel near the water. If you’re thinking of getting away from it all for a bit, I recommend you take a look at GOOP first.

Gwyneth suggests a stylish tent in the Kalahari desert in Botswana for some R & R. Check it out.

2. Her products include such low-cost accessories such as:

skull_gallery_primaryEnamel skull pendant – $1,500

earringsEarrings – $1,250 one is the word love and the other is a safety pin.

throw_gallery_primaryA $900 throw

3. Finally, if you take anything away from today’s post, let it be this – Gwyneth revealed that she steam cleans her vagina. I think this bears repeating.
She Steam Cleans Her Vagina.

She shared that Mugwort V-Steam is her favorite beauty treatment at some Korean spa in LA.

Mugwort V-Steam. It sounds like a provocative encounter with Harry Potter, doesn’t it?

And I think I’m really pushing the envelope when I get a pedicure.



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