Gisele and I – Soul Sisters

giseleI suppose that by now, you guys all think that I hate anyone richer and more successful than I am, but that would be almost everyone, so that isn’t true.

Actually, I like Gisele Bundshen a lot. She has worked very hard to get to the very top of a fiercely competitive business. She speaks like five languages fluently, she is very well-read on many topics, and seems to be a very devoted mother.

Yes, she is married to superstar QB Tom Brady, a man even more stunning than she. g&tThat sounds like enough, but I don’t think it’s a walk in

the park to be married to a man who is so thoroughly committed to such demanding standards. Reportedly, she wakes up at 3 AM to find him reviewing game tapes, and this is in the off-season.


Gisele’s book has just come out. Before the first printing, it cost a mere $700, and it was sold out before it came into print! If you don’t believe me; :¬†

Yeah, I know I need to learn how to do the “click here” thing. Anyway, you can now get it on Amazon for under $50. BTW, props to her for donating all the proceeds to charity. Even though she already has oogobs of money, there are a lot of celebs who would have kept it, so good on Gisele.

To get back to the story, G is off on a publicity tour to flog what I am sure is a gorgeous book. She recently told People magazine that she was rejected 42 times before she got an Alexander McQueen gig that launched her career. So, don’t be discouraged, America. Even the Queen of the Catwalk was told it was a no-go – 42 times.

You know what, Gisele? I’ll see your 42 and raise you by about a million.

I get rejected for shit that I don’t even understand.

  1. Not too long ago, one of the better marketing firms sent me an email to get preliminary info re an upcoming focus group study. After name, age, blah blah, the first question was, “What is the 7th month of the year?” Like a fool, I typed in “July.”

Next screen pops up with – “You are disqualified!” I swear to you! I checked the calendar twice. It IS July!

2. I have submitted articles to many, many different places, magazines, web sites, newsletters, etc. Almost always, they are rejected with some form letter. However, one editor (of an online ezine!) had the balls to tell me that my piece was so bad that she had to ask me not to send any more. THEN, she went on to say that my characters, sentence structure, and content were not up to their level of excellence. May I note here that they had not even published their first issue?

HOWEVER, she said that if I cut the piece by at least 2/3 and followed her detailed changes, maybe…just maybe I could make the cut, and while no money was involved, I would have “bragging rights.” Yeah, honey, I’ll be talking THAT up down at the Quickee-Sack.

3. A while ago, I was asked to write a piece published on one of the rescue websites/newsletter. When I later submitted it to a dog magazine, I got a really nasty email, telling me that I plagiarized the piece and this submission could be actionable as I had agreed to only submit original work, and this was already written. Yes, you fucking moron! It was written – BY ME! Look at the name!

4. I did get a rejection once that was kind of a compliment. A guy in my Italian class asked me out for a drink after class, during which he told me that now that he could really look at me, I wouldn’t do. He said that nice-looking women are bitches that will ruin your life and that he didn’t find me to be a good “candidate.” Didn’t he see me in class? He kind of scared me.

So, HE asked ME out – and I got rejected.

Do we really need to go into the rejections in my assisted living years? No, I didn’t think so. Some of them are just depressing and who needs that?

MY POINT is that I think just as Liz Taylor and I had a moment when I sold her that eye shadow so many years ago, Gisele and I share a bond. Yes, a deep personal bond – several, actually. We are both women. We are both married to men named Tom. That’s pretty much where it ends.

Oh, yeah – the rejection thing. That’s the tie that binds.

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