A Day In The Life



People ask what I do all day now that I’m retired. I couldn’t honestly tell them. The days just seem to happen. “Unproductive” is such a negative word. I prefer to think of them as “organic.”

Some people get out of bed, fully intent on giving it their all – 100%. I prefer to hover at a more attainable 72% and hope for the best.

What the hell DO I do all day? I decided to track my activities for a day, and report the spellbinding results to you, my readers. It’s pretty compelling stuff, so hold on to your seats, Helsinki! You’re in for the the thrill of a lifetime!

6:45 AM – started my day with true purpose, made pot of coffee and to-do list

– Paint trim in bedroom

– Start compost pile

– Weed garden and plant tomatoes

– Hand-scrub bathroom floor

– Do laundry

7:15 AM – packed Tom’s lunch, waved him off to work, ready for first list item

7:16 AM – sat down and Googled, “What do chipmunks like to eat?” instead. Happy to find dried cranberries in cabinet. Watched them eat in yard. Chipmunks! Cute!

7:30 AM – pondered life’s imponderables

– to what extent can humans comprehend infinity?

– what role does God truly play in our lives?

– why is Justin Bieber on “Ellen” so often?

7:53 AM – showered, dressed, looked at laundry on way by basket

8:13 AM – thought about getting a life coach

8:14 AM – realized I would hate life coach

8:15 AM – fed dog. Still feeling guilty about leaving her for vacation, made her scrambled eggs. With cheese

8:23 AM – walked dog. Sunny and 70!! Energized!

10:31 AM – studied picture on wall, noticed there’s a duck in it

10:32 AM – mail call. Got notice from the federal government – Be A U.S. Citizen!!

10: 36 AM – researched caterers for my swearing-in party

10:53 AM – called Tom. Told him how expensive caterers are. He says he’ll cook.

10:57 AM – put in load of laundry, started dinner prep

11:37 AM – thought of all the free stuff I’m missing out on as an illegal alien

12:03 PM – moved laundry to dryer

12:07 PM – hoped feds don’t have my name listed as Fatima or Nazeerah

12:13 PM – sat down to work on blog post, wrote another blog post instead

1:38 PM – made refrigerator pickles like we had in Charleston

2:15 PM – cleaned and filled bird feeders and bath

2:20 PM – walked dog

2:53 PM  – cleaned up grass and bug vomit (from dog)

2:59 PM – turned on Dr. Phil

3:09 PM – wondered why I ever watched Dr. Phil

3:54 PM – ignored posts in progress. wrote about Dr. Phil

5:15 PM – finished dinner prep

5:51 PM – Tom home, ate dinner, Tom to gym

6:30 PM – sauteed beef liver for dog

6:47 PM – read new library book

Well, that’s pretty much it. See what I mean? Days just happen.

Tom will be home soon, and we will probably watch a couples of episodes of “Turn.” I don’t think more detail is necessary. I think we’ve all had enough excitement for one day.






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