The Snark And I Is Up!

Hi readers,

The new site is up, and while the old posts have not all been transferred, all the new stuff has been going to I thank all of you for reading my posts here, but the name was confusing and the whole blog concept changed from my original intent.

I hope you will click on my new site and share a snark or two.

Thanks for reading!

The Savvy Survivor is Moving!!!!

If we have learned anything from Madonna, it is that we can always reinvent ourselves. In that vein, I have come to realize that the original intent of my blog, The Savvy Survivor, turned out to be nothing like I had originally intended it to be.

Not only do I have a limited amount of knowledge to share, but as far as the practicalities of dealing with retirement, there are hundreds of websites that do it superbly well.  So, not only I would be retreading common ground, but I would have bored myself senseless in the process.

Instead, I find it far more amusing to regale you with whatever story or commentary or crazy bullshit that comes into my head everyday. Yes, retirement has kicked my ass and I will be addressing that. How? I laugh a lot and have an excellent therapist.

Anyway, I have changed my site to It is a much more descriptive name. It is still under construction and doesn’t look the way I want it to, but I’m working on it. I hope you join me!