Have Date Night IN and Stay the F*ck at Home

We all know you are tired of seeing your sig figs face, but let’s try to salvage that relationship while you’re social distancing from everyone else. Yes, you are exhausted and haven’t changed from your pajamas, and you may be walking around in just your underwear right now. Still, you must remember to maintain your relationship. Agree to date night, but stay your ass in. And you know full well, all the planning falls on your shoulders so why not make it easier for yourself and take my advice?

And now you’re asking me, “Savvy Survivor, how does one keep the spark going during social distancing when your light is trying to dim before 10pm, and you’re tired of these dang kids and their mess, and your spouse will not change out of those raggedy-ass grey sweatpants????” Ignite that flame with date night in!

I’m talking about sending the kiddies to bed, curling up next to your spouse on the coach, or in the closet, and then BAM! Bringing out the big guns, i.e., your PR stash.

What’s that? You think I’m talking about a public relations experts? Oh, my dear no. Where have you been? I’m referring to Pure Romance, the one-stop-shop for all your sexual health, wellness, and fun needs. Pure Romance gives you the tools (*wink) to explore to your heart’s desire AND relieve stress. We need ALL the stress relief we can get. Why not get it with a remote control?

And you know what? No need to get showered first. Save time and start date night IN the shower. Lather each other up with some enticing scents. Get slicked down with some luscious oils. Get creative. You have so much time to figure it out. Get to know your partner again. But keep your ass in the house.

Some of you might be saying, “Savvy Survivor, I’m single. What about me?” My response is, “why are you NOT dating yourself???” It doesn’t matter if you are riding solo, self-care is essential, and so is falling in love with yourself over and over again. Why not let SELF-CARE take on a new meaning by incorporating SEXCARE into your routine?

So grab you sig fig, or yourself, and improve your sexual wellness, while you’re staying the f*ck at home.

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